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MegaWorld Souvenirs

Through an exclusive license with the estate of the creator of MegaWorld, ThrillRide is now offering MegaWorld souvenirs.

Recreated from surviving graphics and illustrations that were part of the MegaWorld investor presentation, we have designed t-shirts, caps, mugs and more, so that you can let the world know you've been to "The Theme Park That Never Was." (The next time you visit your favorite amusement park, wear a MegaWorld t-shirt or cap and fool "the norms.")

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MegaWorld Logo items!

MegaWorld Logo Items

MegaWorld Tee-Shirts! (One- and Two-Sided Designs!)

MegaWorld Tee Shirts

Ride Logos

Saturn 5 logo

Voyage Into The Q Dimension logo

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More items will be coming soon!




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