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Vipers! Photo Trip Report
August 11, 2011

It was a totally fun afternoon, a great BBQ lunch, a water-balloon toss, and a big ol' Tug-O-War (I was on the winning side!) and then it was time to wrap it up, quite sadly.

So long... and yes, you were exhilarating.

"I love what you do but you know that you're Tox-ICK!"

Some day, maybe I'll be at a dealership, planting my butt into one of these seats...

The next morning, Kurt and I went for a little drive in the charcoal grey monster. And we mostly obeyed the rules of the road. Mostly. (Ay, chihuahua...)

Anyway, later in the day, the family and I all went down to the shore to get in a couple of rides on Belmont Park's Giant Dipper.

I desperately want one of these closer to home. Santa Monica Pier, I'm looking at you; Great Coasters is waiting for your call.

A Prior-Church delight, this is another coaster that was nearly lost for good. Thank god it was saved.

I salute you as well, Giant Dipper.

Love the station.

And the abundance of palm trees. Very SoCal.




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