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Ah, such a welcome mat.

The day started out pretty cloudy, but ended nice and sunny, so I grabbed this shot on the way out.

Indoor launched roller coaster... yummy.

Upstairs, we got into the first Shrek 4-D show, which is always a hoot; the spiders really freak me out good. Then, on the lower deck, I took a quick spin on Revenge of the Mummy. Things have improved - the effects prior to the launch seemed better than my last visit, though the warrior mummies still don't have the gusto I'd prefer. As a matter of fact, only one really seemed to be in action. And what's up with the ending? Used to be more "story" there, but now there's just some darkness, and one last little scare before the mist fades... Fun, but I think this ride is still not quite where it should be.

Mummified product placement

Funny, I don't recall seeing this at the British Museum...



The original Phantom - still the king

More Scary!!! There was no wait for the former Van Helsing walk-through so we hit it up twice during the day. Makes me very, very psyched for Halloween Horror Nights.

Monkey mayhem

This kiddie area sure looks good, if a bit too soggy for this time of the year.


Sogginess did not keep us from a couple of rides on the ever-satisfying Jurassic Park - The Ride. Oh, wait, sorry, the Jurassic Park River Adventure.


Some dancing hotties, supposed to be Marilyn Monroe and a back-up crew, I think.



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