Theme Park Review 2013 Trip Reports

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Part Seven

Hokkaido Greenland

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The Cosmo Tower ride was a unique way to check out the area from above, with a little retro sci-fi flair.

That retro sci-fi flair carried over to these monorail space jets, whose "early anime" look got me way more excited I should have been.

Unless you are truly a very young child, it's little more than an excuse to sit down for a couple of minutes.

The suspended pirate ship monorail was probably a hair less unexciting, but we didn't get to that one.

There were two mirror mazes at Greenland; this was the larger, more traditional maze. Poor Lauren, she walked into a pane of glass so hard, the resounding BANG! made me jump. But she was fine, thank goodness, and so was the glass.

I don't think I've ever seen a mirror maze primarily covered in mirrors.

This is Greenland's other mirror maze and it has an "under the sea" theme going on. But that's not what makes it awesome. The coolest thing about this maze is that it there are "Easy" and "Hard" settings. We went through once, pretty quickly, and then the attraction hostess, seeing that there were no munchkins waiting to get in, asked us if we wanted to try the more challenging version. She hit a switch, or pulled a lever, or whatever, and it moved panels around, and dimmed the lights, I think, too? And sure enough, it was harder. That was mildly ingenious, I thought. Go, Japan!