Theme Park Review 2013 Trip Reports

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Part Eight


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Here we are, walking from the welcome center towards the amusement park section of the resort, the morning clouds still low and thick. See the ski lift towers back there on the hill, and the cabins tucked under the trees?

Here's a shot of those trailside cabins taken later in the day, damn fine ski resort accommodations, if you ask me.

Morning ERT included Rusutsu's star attraction, Togo's ultra-awesome dive loop Ultra Twister.

Dudes. Seriously. Let's save this for the end, but seriously. Dudes. Wow.

Up ahead, the forward tower of Rusutsu's funky Meisho Loop the Loop coaster beckons us.

The thing that gets me jazzed for a straight-line shuttle coaster is a powered launch, be it a Schwarzkopf flywheel launch, or an Intamin Impulse LIM launch, or even Arrow's old electric winch yank. Loop the Loop, which pulls you slowly up a hill and then lets gravity do the rest of the work, is fun enough. But I was perfectly happy with a single ride. (Check out the verdant majesty in the background.)

I enjoyed its gradually curving rear tower, a novelty to me.