Theme Park Review 2013 Trip Reports

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Part Eight


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Speaking of EPCOT: we arrived before the park opened to reg'lar folk for still another morning of whomp-ass ERT, so we chilled in the resort's "welcome center" building for a bit. (Just inside the front doors, there's a big singing tree and I'm not sharing a picture of that tree because I somehow managed not to take one.)

There are a bunch of restaurants and retail spaces in here and the atrium has a pan-European street theme, from what I could tell. It's not quite Disney-level immersive but it's pleasant.

I dug the mini-double-decker carousel in the central hub of the atrium. Didn't ride it. Should've. Or wait, maybe it didn't spin? Maybe it was just for show? No, it must have spun, no good reason for the gate around it otherwise.

I didn't ever actually see it spinning is my point, I think. Anyway. Nice detailing on that carousel.

There were some awesome capsule stations next to the carousel, but my favorite was the capsule station that dispensed...

...scary ghost projectors! These are tiny flashlight-type things that beam a creepy image onto whatever you're aiming it at. I got two of them, only 200 yen apiece, should've snagged a lot more.

"Does it spin?! TELL ME, DOES IT SPIN?!?!"